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ATP file: Schedule set

The schedule for the ATP Cup, which starts on January 1, has already been set. Accordingly, Germany and Austria will start the match on January 2 – the biggest challenge of the match against Russia is Austria, Germany will start with Great Britain. The ATP file can be viewed live on service TV – live on TV and stream.

By Michael Rothschädl

Last modified: December 09, 2021, 05:31 PM

The Russians race to become the reigning champions of the ATP Cup

Tennis fans will not have to wait long until the ATP tour resumes. For those who are particularly tough, the Mubatala with the inputs of Dominic Theme, Andre Rublev, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and many more leading stars offers at least one interesting alternative to reduce the wait for the start of the World Tennis Championship season. By January 1, exactly, when will the ATP file launch in 2022?

The competition format for the Davis Cup final is being used by many leading stars to prepare for the Australian Open again this year – only the absolute best stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have canceled their start at the team event. Also Down Under: Germany and Austria clashed in the group stage of the Davis Cup final in Innsbruck just a few days ago. This time the Austrians and their German rivals are increasingly betting – Dominic Theme and Alexander Sverrev have announced their launch.

Tough start for Austria

While Argentina’s matches against Spain on Saturday against Chile and Georgia start in the day session, Austria and Germany will not start until Sunday. For the first time, the first task at the group event was difficult: Dominic Theme & Co will bang against Russia, the hottest contenders in Australia after winning the Davis Cup final with Daniel Medvedev, Andrei Rublev and Aslan Kardashiv. .

Germany start against Great Britain on Sunday. In the Davis Cup final, Cameron Norie and Dan Evans are considered planned singles, and in the doubles division they have a strong pairing with Jamie Murray and Joe Salisbury. Germany, on the other hand, are led by Alexander Sverrev, who returns to the “two” position unlike the John-Leonard Struff Davis Cup.

Finally Germany against Canada

In the second group match on Tuesday, the men around Dominic Evil will face Italy, with Matteo Bertini and Janic Sinner declaring themselves the first two individual players. The last group match was against the so-called weakest Australian team. These send Alex de Minor and James Duckworth into singles racing according to plan.

Germany, on the other hand, will meet concentrated service power from the United States on Tuesday. As planned, they will start privately with Taylor Fritz and John Isner, missing Reilly Opelka. The hard-hitting area awaits Alexander Sverev & Coke in the final group match. There it goes against the Canadians surrounding Felix Agar-Aliasim and Denis Shapovalov.

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