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UK: Gridserve launches HPC expansion –

Gridserve has begun building its HPC centers in Great Britain, it announced this summer. According to Gritserv, there are 11 charging parks, each with six to twelve high-performance charging points. In the second quarter of 2022, 20 so-called “power stations” are expected to be completed. A further 50 are planned for the next phase.

“Electric hubs” are set up on major highways, each with six to twelve HPC columns up to 350 kW. As reported Charging stations are provided by APP. Gritserv says it is deliberately building stations in more remote areas, not just in cities with higher EV densities.

The other 30 locations include “electric hubs” and some “electric forecourts”, the first of which has already opened in Essex’s printery. These prime locations are even larger (360 HPC Gatwick planned) and include a cafe, a convenient waiting room, a supermarket, a children’s playground and a “special education room to raise awareness about electric vehicles”. According to a rendering, the cafe and lounge will be built on the first floor above the loading bays.

Construction of two “electric forecourts” has been specifically announced: one will open at Gatwick Airport in the fall of 2022, and the other at Norwich. Gridserve already has building permits for these “many more” locations, including Uckfield, Gateshead, Plymouth and Bromborough. A total of 100 “electric forecourts” will then be operated in Great Britain.

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“Involving people in electric vehicles is a big part of our vision, but to do that, charging should be easy and fearless,” says Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve. “For this reason, we adapt our network to the needs of the drivers across the board, we cater to the needs of our customers, and we provide the best customer service to build the confidence that people need.”

All eleven “Electric Hubs” currently under construction are being built at operator-operated service stations. Another partner is road service station operator Rotchef.