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ASKÖ Traun is still in second place despite the defeat

ASKÖ Traun is still in second place despite the defeat

TRAUN / MÖDLING. What surprises at the start of the second half of the Badminton Bundesliga. ASV leader Pressbaum made a false start at Wolfurt. Traun followers did not benefit from this – the championship team from Upper Austria also lost 3:5 at Mödling.

ASKÖ Traun lost the away match against ASKÖ Mödling 5:3, but is still second in the table. The Battle of Hafenalplatz reached its climax. The team is currently suffering from an acute injury and illness problem.

A few hours before the meeting in Modling, the occupation of the two women’s positions was not yet clear. Substitute Julia Pullmüller, who would have been to defend ailing Jenny Ertel, tested positive for Covid before leaving on Saturday. Another short-term workaround was Jenny’s sister. However, after your serious injury at the state championships in the summer, it was not possible to schedule your date at the end of January. In order to be absolutely competitive, she was automatically prepared to take on the lost position. Together with young player Lara Stockinger, they formed the women’s duo. Before we started, it was clear that the requirements for success were almost non-existent. The mood of being able to reach a tie was good. In the end, we only managed to win three of the five men’s matches. The defeat was sealed 3:5. Hoping to have misfortune with several failures in the doubles round at the end of January, we are looking forward to the semi-finals with optimism”, division chief Herbert Koch hopes the situation will calm down soon.