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Roland Haselmaier finished 6th in the Shepherd Dog World Championship

Roland Haselmaier finished 6th in the Shepherd Dog World Championship

About half a million German Shepherd friends and lovers are united internationally in WUSV, the World Federation of Shepherd Dogs.

Since 1988, the association, which takes care of and breeds German Shepherds, has been organizing world championships in which the best dogs from member countries compete. This year’s World Championships was held in Spain with the participation of about 140 dogs from 25 countries.

Dogs are classified into three areas – guidance, obedience, and protection. Roland Haselmaier and his poodle Woodstock from Pixner won the elimination of Austria and started at number AT 1. Woodstock then showcased its class over three days and got excellent reviews from the competition judges. The dog scored a total of 281 points and thus sixth place. He came first with 287 points and third with 282 points.

Roland Haselmaier finished 6th in the Shepherd Dog World Championship

Haselmayr represented Austria successfully.

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Extensive training is required for such success. Haselmaier trains his four-year-old male every day. Allocate at least half an hour for private training on average. There is also endurance training because a dog’s fitness plays a key role. The dog athlete, who is also active as a breeder, is supported by a full team of assistants. Preventive workers, mentors, fitness trainers, and many other supportive coaches contributed to the success.

“I am proud of the placement”

“The World Championships in Spain were really great. I am very happy with the many connections that have been made and maintained there. I am very proud of the excellent position that Woodstock has given and I am really satisfied with our performance. All the dogs involved were excellently trained and straight at the top, they were The shows are very close,” says the Wippenham canine athlete, who was also the best Austrian participant in his setting.

Many friends and acquaintances were glad that Woodstock was among the best in the world. On Facebook there were several thousand views, many congratulations and of course family and friends congratulated and celebrated.

“Dogs are friends for life and I can only recommend interacting with them. Those who enjoy them can, like me, participate in canine sports, but sheepdogs are also life-enriching family dogs,” says Roland Haselmaier. (planets)