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Are you moving in with Luca?

Is the move with Luca Hani imminent?

Christina Loft grumbles about holding back the jitters

Christina Loft does not hide the fact that she will soon move to Luca Hänni in Switzerland. Looks like time is at hand: She takes to Instagram about the stress of being unleashed.


Looks like Christina Loft is about to move to Switzerland.

Christina Loft (31) gave up her apartment in Cologne at the beginning of 2023 and now plans to move to Luca Hänni (27) in Switzerland. Not an easy task for a professional dancer.

“Status update: I hate moving!” Luft writes on Instagram and provides a photo of the squares unleashed. Looks like Luca Hanni is there too. He puts a video of the interlocking movements online and captions: “Pack, pack, pack.” After all: the “Let’s Dance” celebrity and her fiancé don’t have to take everything with them. In October, she stated that she wanted to get rid of the apartment and its furnishings. “I am moving and would like to turn over my furniture to the next renter,” she wrote at the time.