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Hazel Brugger’s take on Jan Böhmermann

After calling in the podcast

Hazel Brugger’s take on Jan Böhmermann

For his podcast, Jan Boehmermann researches couples in toxic relationships. As some have inferred from the call to Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer, Brugger is talking now.


Were Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer the target of fellow comedian Jan Böhmermann?

In the current episode of the podcast “Fest und Flauschig”, Jan Böhmermann (41) investigates couples living in a toxic relationship. “When you’re in a toxic relationship, you only have two options: Either you broadcast together, or you break up,” he says. Until recently, Swiss comedian Hazel Brugger, 29, and her husband, Thomas Spitzer, 34, had their own podcast with “Just Married.” That’s why Bruger is speaking now.

Dear Jean, In this podcast episode, you say that people in toxic relationships should call you. Many see this as a dig at me,” Brugger wrote on Instagram. Although she doesn’t feel like she’s being addressed, she goes on to note: “In the next episode, could you please address people who are in a healthy relationship, but are sometimes misrepresented? On the big platforms?