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#AppleToo: Employees complain about grievances at Apple

#AppleToo: Employees complain about grievances at Apple

Apple faces allegations of racism, sexism and abuse. Current and former employees are reporting grievances using the hashtag #AppleToo.

Allegations of Apple employees and former Apple employees under the hashtag #AppleToo, One Twitter account The site of the same name is very steep. You are complaining about mismanagement The most valuable company in the world. Since they used all the internal resources, but none of this led to anything, they are now posting their experiences. As the mouthpiece of the movement Dear Scarlett, a security engineer at Apple.

She publishes, according to her own account, more than 500 stories from Apple employees and those who previously worked at Apple, little by little on the official website Medium blog the movement. The reason for this is that all the internal resources of the group in Cupertino should not lead to any improvement in the situation.

“We used all the internal resources. We spoke to our managers. We went to the People team (Apple’s HR department, editor’s note). We went up to the business management team. Nothing has changed.”, 31. August 2021

in one first post Cher Scarlett shares five stories of Apple employees. This speaks how 75 percent of stories, discrimination and abuse. The UK employee was not the ‘right kind of black’. A woman talks about a manager who took advantage of his position. Apple has to confront these and other allegations, even if none of these incidents have been confirmed yet.

Apple commented only briefly on the allegations, and neither confirmed nor denied any of the incidents. Apple also calls out for employee privacy. All allegations will be recorded and “comprehensive investigation”.

While #AppleToo is gaining momentum, other employees are complaining about employee privacy and more Oversight in the company. In short: there’s a lot of rumbling in Cupertino and of course we’re sticking with it.

It is a presumption of innocence.