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A lady waiting for the TV secretly escapes from the yard at night

A lady waiting for the TV secretly escapes from the yard at night

Night and Fog Drive at “Bauer sucht Frau”: A lady-in-waiting Isolde felt neglected by farmer Ivca – and secretly ran away.

The basics in brief

  • Another woman escapes from “a farmer looking for a wife”!
  • Farmer Evka finds an empty bed only in the morning.
  • Peasant candidate Isolde secretly wakes up and turns away at night.

Zack is gone!

In the fourth episode of “Bauer sucht Frau International” there was another escape from the farm. This time affected: farmer Evka (60).

The day before, the world seemed fine. The Croatian farmer was with him Choice of two ladies waiting Nevanka and Isolde (both 57) are out and about in the nearby vineyards.

But one has the picnic Maybe it was presented differently. For no sooner had the day ended than Isolde did not hesitate long and packed her purse. In the back seat of the car, the 57-year-old rushed into the darkness without warning. Hui!

“The farmer is looking for a wife”: The waiting lady Isolde was sad

Big shock to Evka. “What happened? Who went wrong?” asks the TV farmer.

The remaining lady, Nevanka, believes that she knows the reason for the secret departure: “When we were in the vineyards, she felt a little sad. He took care of me and worried more. “

But what does the lady-in-waiting say about that on the run? “I really had a feeling that I had a chance. But I didn’t really feel it,” Isolde explains.

It seems she was right. Because between Ivka and Nevanka there is a huge crackle. On a romantic date there to Remaining candidate Even a small slap.

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