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Apple's chief software admits: macOS has a problem with malware

Apple’s chief software admits: macOS has a problem with malware

Epic Games has started a lawsuit against Apple. In the process, Apple wants to secure its sole control of the App Store. Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, a game manufacturer with big guns, hit As reported by The Verge“From the start, he was sent into the race with a mission to enhance the security features of iOS and warn about security risks in macOS,” continues The Verge.

Mac is not secure enough

During his testimony, Federighi was asked if he wanted to say Apple’s Mac OS is not secure, as software can also be installed there outside of the App Store. It is reported that Mac is suffering from a malware problem “in unacceptable proportions.” Standard quotes. He said, according to The Verge: “If you take the security system from Mac Security and apply it to iOS, it will be bypassed,” “worse than it really is with a Mac.” This is what the head of the program wanted, according to The Verge, to justify that iOS cannot adopt the same software model as macOS, as this allows other sources such as the Epic Games Store.

According to The Verge, Federighi said that the iOS smartphone platform, on the other hand, has raised the level of security for operating systems. You cannot reach this level with a Mac. According to Federighi, the security community agrees that Android has a malware issue. The flip side commented that there is a lot of evidence that malware has also entered the App Store on the iPhone. Apple’s program manager did this, writes “Standard.”

Instead, he made a comparison between macOS and iOS. MacOS is like a car that you have to learn in advance to drive safely. On the other hand, kids can run iOS.

To litigate

The legal dispute is running between Apple and Epic Games According to the trade newspaper In-app purchase works on iPhone. Fortnite makers accuse Apple of unfair competitive behavior. Epic Games would like to run their own app store on the iPhone, but they don’t have to pay any fees for this.

On the other hand, Apple wants apps to be downloadable only via the Apple App Store. This provides the greatest security.

Apple has introduced a number of new features that promise more accessibility. The iPad and Apple Watch in the future should turn on without touching the screen. You can read more about this here.

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