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Ni no Kuni II: Fate of a Kingdom: A sequel appearing for another console

Ni no Kuni II: Fate of a Kingdom: A sequel appearing for another console

The sequel to Ni no Kuni II: Fate of a Kingdom, previously published for PC and PS4, has now been announced in a special edition for another platform.

Successful title Ni No Kuni II It’s pre-booked for PC and PS4 players, but Bandai Namco wants to change that soon. The fifth level title including character design is confirmed by Yoshiyuki Momose and music by acclaimed composer Joe Hisaishi on Switch.

The Nintendo console app already has a release date: those interested can mark themselves September 17, 2021 with red on the calendar. Then there’s the so-called Prince version of the Switch title.

As part of this edition, you are not just following the story of Evan Pettiwhisker Tom, a boy who lost his promised throne in the kingdom of Katzbuckel and is searching for a new kingdom. In addition to the main game, the following additional content is also available:

  • Adventure Pack: New outfits and items as well as random dungeon remote control and new threats to Evans’ kingdom.
  • King’s Soul Maze: Evan embarks on a new and unusual mission in a new world. New items and equipment and a new “Maze” dungeon are also included in the DLC.
  • Magic memories: During the dream, Evan meets a man with a rabbit head who calls himself “the leader of the band.” Players will explore Evan’s dream and find the goal of it all. A new site was also included in the Colosseum.
Ni no Kuni II: Fate of a Kingdom – Prince’s Edition Trailer

In September, the hit title Ni no Kuni II comes to the Nintendo Switch.