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Apple delays app store changes in US

SAN FRANCISCO (DPA) – Apple managed at the last minute to postpone a court ruling to relax the App Store rules.

The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that Apple’s objections raise serious questions and that the iPhone could suffer significant damage if it failed. That is why it stopped implementing the changes that were to take effect from Thursday.

Dispute between Apple and Epic Games

The California District Attorney ruled that app developers in the United States have the right to use links or buttons to indicate payment options outside of the Apple site for their applications. The verdict came in early September in a dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the creators of the online game “Fortnight”. Apple has argued that this change could harm the integrity of consumers and the App Store operating system.

In the process, Epic wanted to get the rights to run its own App Store on the iPhone – failed. But District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers at the same time ruled that developers could not be prevented from advising users on ways to purchase goods cheaper outside the Apple Store.

Up to 30 percent goes to Apple

Apple basically allows you to buy digital products – such as virtual products in game applications – via its internal payment platform. Pay 15 or 30 percent to the group. Apple argues, among other things, that this process will protect users from fraud and misuse of their data. Some app developers criticize Levy for being unreasonably high.

Some developers, in the company’s view, explained the judge’s decision too generously and warned that Apple would like to pack the full replacement payment process behind the mergers. The company argues that this will allow malicious developers to misuse user data, while Apple will not be able to prevent this.