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Antoine Griezmann: My goal is to play in the MLS

Antoine Griezmann: My goal is to play in the MLS

Antoine Griezmann talks about Lionel Messi and MLS. In the future, Atletico Madrid’s best striker wants to play in the United States as well.

At his best in months and a big fan of Messi and MLS: Antoine Griezmann.

Lionel Messi’s move to Miami has raised Antoine Griezmann’s sweet spot for US and sport across the pond. The 32-year-old Frenchman, who was perhaps the standout player in La Liga last season, especially after the winter break, also wants to play in Major League Soccer in the future.

“I’ve always said that,” said Atletico Madrid’s best player in a digital media report organized by La Liga and ESPN. “My goal is to end up there, enjoy American sports, play in MLS, and have a good time.”

Switch “at best”.

Griezmann also wants to “win things” in North America – and at his “best level”. When he turns 32, he will know that the best form will come out last. Where: Superstar Messi, already 36, has pulled off one festive performance after another since moving to Inter Miami in the late fall of his career and has achieved true success at will.

Griezmann pays special attention to his former Barcelona teammate: “I follow him. Leo is the best in history, he fills stadiums, scores a lot of goals and wins matches.” Major League Soccer has made very good strides with the transfer of Messi and the subsequent commitments of Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. “This – and signing young players, especially from South America – is the best thing the league can do,” said Griezmann.

First trophy win with Atlético

However, Atleti fans need not worry that the Frenchman could change hands this summer. Because “Grizi” still has a lot going for it in the red and white striped dress. “I want to develop, score goals, be important, win the league and fight for the Champions League,” he said. “You have all these goals and for me personally it’s about improving from last year and scoring 16 or 17 goals. (Last season, there were 15 goals and a league-best 16 assists, editor’s note.), which makes me the club’s top scorer. This is something that excites me.

Saudi Arabia must support the family

Will it inspire Saudi Arabia too? Griezmann has kept a low profile on this much-discussed topic. Although very high salary payments can “provide security,” “if it happened to me, I would have to talk to my family and children about it.” Messi did too – and then chose Miami.