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Anticipation in Paraguay as protests against the government escalate – Brenza Latin

Protesters, accusing the executive of diverting Covit-19 resources, set fire to a rag doll representative of the image of Judas Iscariot this Wednesday, citing allegations of corruption.

Peaceful protests against the executive were called the ‘Judas Guy’ at the ceremony, accompanied by calls for the removal of President Mario Apto Benedes and Vice President Hugo Velasquez.

Groups of dissidents burned the toy while denying the various shortcomings facing Govt-19 and the current administration’s dishonest actions regarding the resources provided for the epidemic.

The rag, which symbolizes the betrayal of Judas Christ, was replaced and burned near the Colorado party headquarters, which was represented by Apto Benades.

Protests on Wednesday took place without clashes between plaintiffs and police, with toy posters with words like ‘corruption’ and ‘all corruption and thugs out’.

Amid these reactions against the official administration, the government confirmed the purchase of two million doses of the Anglo-Swedish Astra / Geneca vaccine against Kovit-19.

Health Minister Julio Borba said officials were in talks to bring in vaccines in about 15 days. After failing to comply with previous notices of acquisition by other pharmaceutical companies.

The administrator received 24,000 doses of the Spotnik V vaccine against Kovit-19, most of which came from the Chilean government, but popular sources estimated that amount was not enough.

The rallies against the executive that have accumulated in front of Congress have so far caused one death and dozens of injuries and imprisonment.

The president’s response was to replace his adviser, chief of staff and education and science and women leaders, a decision taken prior to the resignation of Health Minister Julio Massolleni.

Another notable event this Wednesday was the request for my job from Andres Kubedich, the head of the Social Security Agency, to be pressured by allegations of corruption.

In the midst of the crisis caused by the lack of supplies for the Covit-19 patients, the officer, who was called in by the audit for drug theft, was replaced by IPS administrator Vicente Pataclia.

One of the complaints against Kubedich was based on the involvement of a millionaire in the illegal acquisition of software to modernize his company.

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