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The President of Argentina denies the elements of the judge against female colleagues – Brenza Latin

“I reflected throughout yesterday on the unique greetings that Judge Juan Carlos Geminiani gave to his female colleagues for Women’s Day,” the President said in a news release on Twitter. A ‘happy guilty day’ for his colleagues.

If he had explained the words from the present tense it would have made me very worried. After adding that there are partial people in the judiciary who have lost their rationality when evaluating the issues to be resolved, I find that he interprets them as badly as he explained the current legal system.

Fernandez felt that the most important thing of all was to warn that the fate of civil rights was in the hands of this type of magistrate. It is up to all of us to address the changes that the judiciary needs, he said.

Two court judges were asked to document the judge’s message in an offensive manner, while the Chambermaids were asked to take action.

The day before, Vice President Cristina Fernandez had also mentioned this fact, noting that she could not get out of her stupidity.

‘Cassation’s judge, who recently locked a secretary in an office, is now addressing his female colleagues on International Women’s Day. Even? Or are they waiting for me to hit someone? ” Said the vice president.

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