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Animals – Crocodile bites man and eats dog in Australia – Knowledge

CAIRNS (AP) — In Australia’s tropical north, a large crocodile has attacked a man in a river and then killed his dog. The 37-year-old was walking her dog “Magic Molly” along the ferry path in Bloomfield, Queensland on Wednesday, AAP news agency reported on Friday. Rangers found the 4.2-metre-long reptile about 200 meters from the site of the attack on Thursday evening and shot it dead as it posed an “unacceptable risk”. An autopsy found the dog’s remains in the reptile’s stomach.

In a video shared by Australian media, the crocodile suddenly emerged from the brown water and bit the man’s leg. He freed himself and then desperately tried to save his dog, who in no time dragged the crocodile into the river. He struck again and again until the reptile sank. The injured man was taken to hospital in Cairns.

The Bloomfield River is known as a popular habitat for crocodiles, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s Michael Joyce said. He stressed that the incident should serve as a warning to other residents. According to AAP, this is the 11th crocodile attack in two years.

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