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Alpine A522 appears with two livers!

Alpine A522 appears with two livers!

9:36 pm

Withdrawal time!

And so we say goodbye to this day. Tomorrow we will, of course, return to you with a new tape, and on Wednesday the driving tests will begin in Barcelona, ​​which we will of course also accompany live. After that long launch day, it’s now over. Sleep well and see you tomorrow!

9:28 pm

Haas analysis

Today we saw the real Haas VF-22 for the first time. Of course, our technical experts took the opportunity to take a closer look at the car. In what areas is the real car different from the pictures shown? What is particularly noticeable?

You can find the exciting analysis here!

Photos: Shakedown in Barcelona: Haas VF-22

9:16 pm

More special designs…

…you can find them here! We’re really excited to see what final paint finishes we’ll see in this year’s test drives…

Photo gallery: unforgettable Formula 1 test designs

8:58 pm

racing suits

Here’s another look at the new racing suits for alpine pilots. Unfortunately, we don’t know if it will also shine completely pink early in the season – to match the car…

8:45 pm

Formula 1 special paint finishes

Alpine will not be the first team in Formula 1 history to race with special decoration at the season opener in Bahrain. Look back at the most exciting examples in this series of photos.

8:33 pm

He has fun!

Perhaps you can save yourself from asking if Daniel Ricciardo is happy to start running again 😉 There is also a small audio sample of a McLaren Mercedes!

7:51 pm

McLaren’s new photo

We’ve promised to also keep our eyes open for pictures of the new McLaren. At least we have another one now!

    ~ Lando Norris (McLaren) ~

7:42 PM

What we notice…

…are, of course, the cooling vents, which we’ve also seen in an Aston Martin or Ferrari, for example. Apart from that, at first glance there are no particularly amazing solutions. Our technical experts believe that Alpine took a fairly traditional approach to development.

But let’s wait and see if we don’t suddenly see one or another surprise during the tests…

    ~Alpine A522 ~

7:28 PM

Ocon anticipates an intense development race

The Frenchman also commented on the 2022 season and the new rules for everyone. “It’s not necessarily about who starts the season as fast as possible. It’s more about who finishes the season as fast as possible,” he explains, adding: “We know there will be a high rate of development for all teams throughout the year – almost like racing in offices Designers are off track!”

Regarding his personal goals, he made it clear that he “crossed out” an important point in his first win in 2021. In the long run, of course, he wants to become world champion one day. However, in 2022, one does not yet know where one stands with the new A522. “We’ll just focus on ourselves,” he declares. You don’t have everything in your hands anyway.

7:22 PM

Alonso feels ‘optimistic’

“Last year was more than a transitional year for the team,” the Spaniard recalls, adding: “We are still getting some great results like Esteban’s victory in Hungary and the podium in Qatar. This year I feel real optimism in the team. We won at Enstone and Ferry worked hard over the winter.” “.

However, he also knows that only the Barcelona test will show where you stand compared to the competition. Let’s see how much optimism remains after that…

7:14 pm

Szafnauer: one of the strongest pairs of drivers

According to Atmar Safinour, if the 2022 season does not work out, it cannot be because of the drivers. “I know Esteban well since his first two seasons with Force India,” he recalls. The Frenchman was “extremely talented” until then – and not much has changed.

In addition, Fernando Alonso is a two-time world champion. “Everyone knows Fernando’s extraordinary qualities,” Szafnauer said. He is therefore sure that the Alpine driver pairing is “among the strongest on the network”.