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All information about the thirteenth season at a glance

All information about the thirteenth season at a glance

The Voice of Germany begins its thirteenth season this fall. The anticipation is great! Here in the overview you can read what is already known about the new episodes.

The basics in a nutshell

  • The Voice of Germany will move to the next round in 2023.

  • This year we continue with Season 13.

  • You can read everything that is already known about the new episodes here.

The red chairs are ready and eagerly awaiting the new episodes of “Voice of Germany” in 2023, just like the fans. A little patience is still needed, but you’ll find out when it gets here first. There is also other important information about the musical offer for you here.

Start and broadcast times: When is The Voice of Germany coming in 2023?

The start date for Season 13 is known! “The Voice” enters its new round on September 21, 2023. The show can be watched every Thursday on ProSieben and Fridays on SAT.1 – at 8:15 pm each. Of course you can also watch the episode on Joyn at these times Live broadcast Looking at.
“The Voice Rap by CUPRA” starts on September 14, 2023 Gwen.

You can find an overview of the exact broadcast dates and times here.

How long will “The Voice” last?

Since the start of the new season, the talent and coaches still have a long way to go. The final will determine who will follow in the footsteps of winner Annie Ogreziano. The final date is still a secret, but once it changes, you will find all the information about it here.

Coaches 2023

This happened just recently at the premiere of The Voice: all five coaches from Season 13 are sitting behind the #TVOG whistles for the first time. Musician and artist Sherine David will be joined by Irish star Ronan Keating and Italian musician Giovanni Zarrella. Brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz sit in the double chair.

“The Voice Rap by CUPRA”: A separate show for hip-hop fans

In addition to the popular “Voice of Germany” programme, there is also a special show this year. In “The Voice Rap by CUPRA”, two hip-hop coaches search for the best rap talent. Whoever wins here moves to the semi-finals of “Voice of Germany” and could also win the show. “King of Rap” Cole Savas and Dardan are on hand as coaches.

Live in the studio: That’s how you’re there

Would you like to experience your favorite show up close in the studio? Soon he will be there tickets For shows you can be a part of.

All about ‘The Voice’: This is how the show works

The Voice of Germany has several stages that the talents and coaches go through over the course of the episodes – each offering its own exciting points. It remains to be seen if there will be any changes in the new season – so far the show has gone as follows:

Blind Auditions: It’s all about the sound

The Voice begins with blind auditions. Talents must convince with their voice. The coaches sit in their signature red chairs with their backs to them. You listen carefully. If they like the talent, they can choose to press the buzzer in front of them and turn around for the sound. If that happens, the talent will definitely move on to the next round.

If many coaches turn their attention to talent, they have to fight for this distinct voice – the talent decides for themselves which team they want to join. But the coaches are doing everything they can to convince talented people to join their team. After all, they want to achieve victory through promising votes.

This innovation will be available in blind tests in 2023: ban

However, this year, coaches have the opportunity to influence blind tryouts by banning. If a coach identifies a promising talent and fears another coach will foil his plans, he may block it. Selected Talent can now no longer select Blocked Coach.

You can learn more about blocking here.

Fights and stealing deals: talent versus talent

After the blind auditions, training begins: battles are coming, where talents must sing against each other. Coaches invest a lot of time and effort to prepare talent for the next stage and bring out their best voices.

Then he enters the battle arena, where talents compete against each other with a common song. But coaches cannot just relax, their task often becomes more difficult at this stage because they have to make a difficult decision: which talents will they take to the next round? What is special about this stage: Every coach has a steal deal through which he can save another team’s talent from elimination and add it to his team.

Music matches: Who will reach the semi-finals?

All talents from one team compete in the singing competitions. Then things get tough again for the coaches because they only have a limited number of places for the next round. At this stage they often struggle with themselves – but even if it is difficult for them, they have to make a decision and speak out about the semi-finalists.

Live shows: “The Voice” up close

As the live shows approach, the end is at hand. The talents that had come this far were already close to victory. But now, at the latest, they do not have to convince the coaches, but rather the spectators with their votes, because they are the ones who decide by voting who will advance.

Annie Ogriziano: 2022 Winner

Annie’s blind test actually gave us a real goosebumps moment! From episode to episode, talent Annie captured the hearts of the audience and led coach Mark to victory – finally! It was the first show win for the long-time trainer.

A quick overview of the winners of “Voice of Germany”.

  • Annie Ogriziano (Season 12, 2022)
  • Sebastian Krenz (Season 11, 2021)
  • Paola Dalla Curte (Season 10, 2020)
  • Claudia Emanuela Santoso (Season 9, 2019)
  • Samuel Roache (Season 8, 2018)
  • Natia Todwa (Season 7, 2017)
  • Ty Schmidtman (Season 6, 2016)
  • Jamie Lee Kriewitz (Season 5, 2015)
  • Charlie Ann Dirtler (season 4, 2014)
  • Andreas Kummert (season 3, 2013)
  • Nick Howard (season 2, 2012)
  • Ivy Quino (Season 1, 2011)