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Airbus opens hydrogen plant in Great Britain

Airbus opens hydrogen plant in Great Britain

Airbus opens Zero Emission Development Center (ZEDC) for hydrogen technology in the UK. UK ZEDC’s priority in Filton, near Bristol, is to develop an affordable cryogenic tank.

This is for placing the tank Passenger aircraft ZEROe Needed by 2035. Airbus will benefit from a total of £ 685 million (€ 804 million) in recent funding from the UK Government over the next three years as the UK ZEDC works in partnership with the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).

Airbus wants to conduct overall system and low-temperature tests on the Filton so that the entire growth chain can be mapped. “The development of end-to-end fuel systems is one of the key technologies for Airbus’ specialization in the UK, the performance of future hydrogen aircraft,” the report said.

In the last year Airbus coordinated its efforts for metal hydrogen tanks and decided to set up Zero Emission Development Centers (ZEDCs) in Germany, Spain and France, particularly in Bremen, Madrid and Nantes.

“The creation of ZEDC in the UK expands Airbus ‘in-house industrial capabilities, design, upgrade, test and manufacture cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks and systems related to Airbus’ Zero program in its four home countries,” said Airbus CTO Sabine Clock. “This, in our partnership with ATI, will allow us to use our respective expertise to realize the potential of hydrogen technology to support the decarbonization of the aviation sector.”

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