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World’s oldest king – Britain celebrates Queen’s birthday – News

World’s oldest king – Britain celebrates Queen’s birthday – News


The four-day celebrations for the Queen’s 70th Jubilee begin today with the “Trooping the Color” military parade. Follow the above event live stream and SRF1.

Queen Elizabeth’s father, George VI, died of lung cancer on February 5, 1952. From one day to the next, the young mother of two “Lilliput” children became the new Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

He later reveals this crucial turning point in his life: “My father died very young and suddenly. It’s about doing the best I can and accepting that this is my destiny now and that continuity is the most important thing. “

It was to make the best use of what was in my power.

That was 70 years ago now. Since then, the head of the British royal family has made 21,000 forced appearances and traveled to more than 100 countries – sometimes several times. He has organized 112 state banquets – under his personal supervision whoever comes to visit.

Barack Obama, Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin: The best politicians in the world see the light of day when she is already the British Queen. Queen Elizabeth II has survived by seeing many heads of state.

His government trips around the world are unforgettable. He has completed more than 100 of them. Initially a regent over a global colonial empire, today it is without imperial status and over a country with less economic influence than ever before.

But that does not change his tireless efforts to become President of Great Britain. She appears in any general look, big or small, with a calm demeanor and a smile on her face. And she will never forget her sense of humor. When Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau revealed to her that he was his twelfth Prime Minister, he teasingly objected, “I’m old now.”

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At Thursday, June 2, 2022 SRF 1 will be hosting the Trooping The Color Parade at 11:00 a.m. on the G&G Special by Andreas C. Englert and Daniel Forler – Broadcast live from London.

At Sunday, June 5, 2022G&G brings back the best trooping the color in SRF 1 and looks back on the four-day Queen’s 70th celebration.