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Against Greenpeace: Young climate activists demand more nuclear energy

Against Greenpeace: Young climate activists demand more nuclear energy

Against Greenpeace

Young climate activists committed to nuclear energy

Greenpeace does not want the European Union to favor nuclear energy as climate-friendly energy. A group of young climate activists oppose this.


A group of climate activists is not only fighting for climate protection, but also advocating the use of nuclear energy.

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  • Greenpeace strictly opposes the use of nuclear energy.

  • This goes against the collective trend of youth climate activism.

  • It opposes Greenpeace, which is suing the European Union to include nuclear energy in its list of preferred energy sources.

Swedish activist Ea Anstott doesn’t just sit around To protect the climate But also to use nuclear energy. She, along with other young people from Europe, takes a stand against the environmental organization Greenpeace. In their opinion, Greenpeace is to blame in the past She fights clean, carbon dioxide-free nuclear power while “the world literally burns.”

Climate activists who have joined forces to form Replanet want to be heard in the legal dispute between the EU Commission and Greenpeace, Welt reports. To this end, they want to present expert opinions in favor of climate-friendly nuclear energy as part of the Dear Greenpeace campaign. Greenpeace has filed a lawsuit against the European Commission’s decision to include nuclear energy in the list of preferred energy sources.

The UN Climate Council supports nuclear energy

Activists say nuclear power is among the safest energy technologies and does not release any greenhouse gases. The United Nations Climate Council classifies nuclear energy as an appropriate technology to combat climate change. Anstot and her colleagues call on Greenpeace to stop its campaign against nuclear energy. They point out that countries with nuclear power plants in Europe have lower carbon dioxide emissions than those without nuclear power plants.

Germany has abandoned nuclear power and is forced to rely increasingly on carbon dioxide-intensive coal-burning power plants to generate electricity. “I would like to join the Greenpeace protest, if this is the case, when the Kern Reaktoren comes to a stop, there will be a lot of fire at the end of the day,” so the 22-year-old Biologin Julia Galosh, who lives on the “Replanet” site, will be here. the world”.

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