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Italy: The holiday maker steals sand in Sardinia and gets fined

Italy: The holiday maker steals sand in Sardinia and gets fined


A tourist who steals sand in Sardinia – that’s how high the fine will be for him

A Sardinian vacationer has been severely accused of taking quartz pebbles from a sheltered beach.


Because he stole kilograms of sand from the beach and was caught during an inspection, the Frenchman has to pay a fine of 3,000 euros (equivalent to 2,870 francs).


  • A French tourist who stole 41 kilograms of sand from a Sardinian beach had to pay the equivalent of 2,870 francs.

  • The man was caught trying to drive his car onto a ferry to Nice.

  • The fact that sand is packed as a souvenir is a major problem in Sardinia.

A French tourist was reported and with a fine 3,000 euros (2,870 francs) for taking 41 kilograms of quartz pebbles from a naturally protected beach in Sardinia. man was at Control his car They were arrested on the ferry to Nice, Italian media reported, including the Corriere della Sera newspaper. The gravel was confiscated.

Sand and gravel theft – especially by tourists – is a major problem in Sardinia. Precisely because they are so beautiful, fragrant, and white in many places on the Italian island, they are often packed as holiday souvenirs. However, this is harmful to the environment and is therefore prohibited by law. In some cases there are even signs indicating this, for example on the beach of Es Arotas in the west of the island. “Vietato Rubare la sabbia” is written on it – “Sand theft is forbidden”.

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