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Late summer is coming – nearly 30 degrees on the weekend

Late summer is coming – nearly 30 degrees on the weekend


Thanks to Omegahoch it can reach 30 degrees

The weather will be good again in time for the first weekend of September. Temperatures are expected to reach around 30 degrees in the coming days.


Shower weather is expected again at the weekend.

20 minutes / Matthias Speicher

  • The rain has dominated this week.

  • The weather is expected to be fine at the end of the week.

  • And on Saturday the 30-degree mark can be broken locally.

At the beginning of this week, the weather in Switzerland was one thing in particular: rain. And locally, a lot of it. In parts of Switzerland The rivers overflowed their banksThere were floods, Landslides and flooded cellars.

But by the end of the week it will be nice again. And the temperatures rise continuously. The thermometer returns to over 20 degrees on Thursday and Friday. Thursday may still be rainy in places, but will become locally sunny in the afternoon. On Friday it will be warm in late summer with 25 degrees, MeteoNews writes. Gaudenz Flury of SRF Meteo wrote: “Another day of patience, summer will return.”

Although the weather autumn begins on September 1, the weather is wonderful from Friday onwards. MeteoNews writes: “Tomorrow, September 1st, the fall meteorological season begins. But you don’t care about the weather, as of tomorrow it will be warm in late summer thanks to the Omega High that is forming.”

The omega state is characterized by a stable high-pressure cell surrounded by two low-pressure regions. The resulting printed structure is reminiscent of the large Greek letter omega Ω – hence the name.

The high pressure cell (high omega) rotates in the middle clockwise and the two lines counterclockwise, so that the three pressure structures reinforce and block each other.


Shower weather is also expected at the weekend: on Saturday we can expect between 26 and 29 degrees in Switzerland. In Basel and Valais, the mercury reaches 30 degrees. The forecast for Sunday and the beginning of next week also looks very good. “Sunday and Monday it will be mostly sunny with thin clouds. Fields of morning mist dissipate quickly. “The sun often rises on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,” says SRF Meteo.

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