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Again and again on Sundays: Hansi Hinterseer has to step in

Again and again on Sundays: Hansi Hinterseer has to step in

twice more. Then the “Always Sunday” 2023 season will come to an end. Very bad actually. After all, Stefan Meros and his team once again ensured the best atmosphere at Europapark Rust this year. But since Stefan’s glass usually looks half full instead of half empty, the moderator didn’t let that get him down and let it get broken again in the penultimate issue of the season.

For his penultimate edition “Always Again on Sunday” 2023, Stephane Merros has invited strong guests. Eric Philippi, for example, came to Rust. As were Francine Gordy and ’80s legend Marcus in the beginning. Just like folk music legend Hansi Hinterseer.

With the latter, however, Stefan Meros allowed himself to make a small mistake. What happened? At the start of the show, the 47-year-old announced Celebrity Kitchen, which will feature Polish food on the show.

++ “Always on Sundays”: ARD SHOCK! The end is close to ++

For the perfect transition, Mrss Hinterseer asked directly if he could cook. ‘Because I’m with the star now, I never asked him if he could cook either.’ Mr. Meres moderated his guest, when he had already declared that cooking was not his priority.

Stefan Moross confuses women’s names

“No? You can’t? You can’t cook but Ramona probably does.” Foolishly, Hinterser’s wife’s name is not Ramona. The singer corrected it immediately.

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