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Guitarist Richard Crosby makes a meaningful comparison after the tour

Guitarist Richard Crosby makes a meaningful comparison after the tour

Richard Crosby (right) reported again with a cryptic post.Photo: dpa/Jens Koch


Jennifer Ulrich

Rammstein concluded his European tour at the beginning of August with three concerts in Brussels. Allegations against singer Till Lindemann overshadowed most of the shows, but overall the tour was a great success for the band. So there are rumors about a possible world tour in 2024.

However, it is not yet officially confirmed how or if it will actually proceed. Richard Crosby, the band’s lead guitarist, made a cryptic statement on Instagram for the second time in a few days.

Guitarist Rammstein gives a new idea

On August 6, Crosby initially shared a photo of himself on stage, writing: “I don’t know what the future will be like, but it sure will be different.” He also thanked the fans. In the comments there was speculation about Rammstein’s future.

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And now the 56-year-old has followed suit. This time he posted a black and white photo of himself in the rain, which was also taken during the tour. Now his comment is:

“After a heavy rain, the sun always comes back.”

The rain may be symbolic of the stage the band is currently in in light of the allegations against Lindemann. On the other hand, the sun metaphor suggests optimistic expectations.

Rammstein: The Crosby Post reminds us of Lindemann

Remarkable: Till Lindemann tried on a very similar image at one of Rammstein’s concerts in Munich in June. At the end of the show, he told the crowd: “We were very lucky with the announced storm. Believe me, the other one will pass too.” So it looks like the two musicians are on the same page.

There are currently no other shows announced on the band’s official website. Meanwhile, many fans on Reddit are sure: there will be a big tour again only in 2025, and Rammstein can take a break in 2024. It is not clear what the status of a potential new album will be.

Under Richard Crosby’s latest post, a follower wrote: “Looks like the storm is passing!”. Another user simply said, “We’ll wait.” The post was liked by Sofia Thomalla, among others, who has sided with ex-partner Till Lindemann several times in the past few weeks.