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Live from Lindenbühne: a captivating finale to the festival with Adel Tawil

Live from Lindenbühne: a captivating finale to the festival with Adel Tawil

Berlin singer Adel Al-Taweel sang at the end of another hugely successful Hayter concert in front of a full audience on Sunday night.

On a Sunday afternoon in Heitere, Kunz Lindenbühne made shudders after Seven opened the day of the festival with Sunday brunch. Solking later introduced North African hip-hop to audiences before Adel Tawil closed Heitere Open Air 2023. ZT reports live on site.

Loyal visitors to Heitere will probably go to Lindenbühne with mixed feelings, where a long fair performance awaits them. The German pop singer’s anticipation is coupled with the awareness that the last chapter of Heitere Open Air 2023 awaits them. With his genuine and friendly nature, Adil Tawil has no problem quickly winning people’s sympathy. Unlike some other artists, he doesn’t need to worry about “the best audience in the world.” But he sincerely thanked the Swiss for the fact that he received a platinum award in this country with the song “Tu m’appelles”. “You’re blasting the song like crazy!”

In the last 75 minutes of this year’s Heitere, Adel Tawil presents well-known songs from his former band’s project Ich + Ich. With the song “Let it stay” Adel Tawil mingled with the audience and hugged the jubilant people. On the other hand, Pearls hasn’t been neglected on his more successful solo career, such as “Is There Someone?” and “Songs”. On the last song, Heitere’s crowd sang with more fervor than at any time in the three days. With whom does the song “From the Same Star” Adel Taweel end, performing it and Heitere Open Air 2023 at 8:42 pm.

Soulking rap in North African style

As if Heitere Open Air wasn’t already diverse enough, Soolking now brings North African hip-hop with some slight reggae influences to Lindenbühne. The Algerian rap skills are excellent and the performances of his dancers are breathtaking at the end. Soolking keeps conversation with the audience to a minimum. Aside from “Put Your Hands Up” and “Move Your Body”, he doesn’t talk much, but simply relaxes his songs.

Soolking’s performance certainly has its place in Heitere. However, the question arose whether a Friday evening on stage would be better for setting the mood than a more family-oriented Sunday programme. Only about 30 people, at the front of the audience, celebrated Solking. It’s probably mainly because of him here today. Most other viewers get a little moody during the most famous song, “Suavamente.” Solking also plays himself twice. “It’s a bit pathetic when you have to play a song twice,” says one viewer. It also seems as if Soolking has lost some of her audience over the course of her performance.

Koons reaches audiences in Heitern and Beyond

Although the lyrics are “I’d rather be on the beach,” Koons had to admit “Would it be a nice beach, us me cha do si ufem Heitere?” Although it’s about 30 degrees, a huge crowd fills Lindenplatz Square when Kunz shows up with confetti on a Sunday afternoon.

“Ehr send denn Herti”, praising his fans who, like him, can take the heat. But that’s not all, because Koons can also convince his audience, who are mostly standing in the sun, to dance. A few simple dance steps are enough to get the audience dancing and spinning Heitern.

With his song “Seisch e Gruess”, Koons encourages his fans to share his concert over the phone with people who can’t be there today. Koons even says “Hi” into a fan’s cell phone in the crowd. But the Lucerne singer also stays close to his fans in Lindengeviert himself and beams “LIEBI” into the crowd while singing the song of the same name.

This love resonates with the audience as well. For example, with Sarah Lindemann and Daniela Gesbuehler, for whom the Koons concert is one of the reasons they visited the Heitere Open Air. Despite the warmth, they describe the party as “fantastic” with a smile on their faces.

From crowd favorites to new music

At the start of his concert, Koons announced that the audience would have to help him if he forgot his script in between. While this happens hesitantly at first, he is able to get everyone to sing along with his song “Chliini Hands” and his aria for “Vierwaldstättersee”. But even with his latest single, “Sing Sing,” some fans are already sure of the lyrics.

Lucerne Kunz Music
Photo: Melek Sarikurt (@mec)

Melanie Osh even gets seven Loodles

“Was it better than a good brunch and a nice Amy Snette?” With this announcement, Seven welcomes the Heitere audience to their premiere concert, The Seven Sunday Brunch, on Sunday morning. On Sunday lunch, musician and presenter Seven invited different musician friends to his stage to compose music with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

As befits a good brunch, Seven Sunday Brunch offers variety for all tastes. Those who like it traditional can enjoy a performance by Melanie Ösch, who can even cheer Seven on yodelling. The romances don’t miss out either, as Seven and his longtime good friend Gregor Mill perform a wedding song together. There is also a female force on the stage. Seven makes music with Slovenian singer Amaya, whom he met during an intense songwriting phase in Sweden. Cena also welcomes Seven to his stage. Without further ado, she gives him a little Valais German lesson.

friendship and praise

In keeping with the brunch on the Sevens Show motto, anecdotes about friendships are not to be missed. Seven doesn’t hesitate to bring up old stories of his early acquaintances and their shared experiences as soon as a new guest appears on his stage. However, in return, the appreciation of his guests can be felt as well, all of whom praise Sevin and his band for their Sunday lunch concept.