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After Willie Herren's death, Crommel believes in Palermann's drug problem

After Willie Herren’s death, Crommel believes in Palermann’s drug problem

Willie Herreren (45) has passed away, and this news shocked the family and fans of the German artist on Tuesday. Even his old friend Marion Pfaff (48) known as Crommel couldn’t believe it. “I don’t want and I don’t admit to it,” the Schlagger singer tells RTL. “I spoke to him on the phone two weeks ago.”

The Ballermann bar operator and the “Lindenstrasse” star were close friends. The guys were actually there when he debuted in 2005. The actor was also known as the party singer, just like Crommel in Mallorca. But even if Palermann’s career brought money – men may also suffer from it.

Publish date: 04/22/2021 3:23 pm

Last updated: April 22, 2021, 40 minutes ago