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Why did Yan Hoover think he would be fired!

Why did Yan Hoover think he would be fired!>Broadcast>

21. April 2021 – 8:41 hour

Only 8 points on the jury for Jan Hofer for “Let’s Dance”

The news anchor succeeded in the sixth show Jan Hoover Not his best performance at Let’s Dance. He only got 8 jury points and ended up far behind Mickey Krause (16 points) in last place. Just that Calls from the audience could save him – and they did! Unexpectedly, Jan meets a dance partner Christina Loft Victoria Swarovski message that they are on! In the flickering spot in the red light, it was clear to both of them that they had to go in the evening, as they revealed in the interview. The reason they are so scared and what they say about their 8-point performance can be found in the video.

“Carcass pushed me to the extreme.”

Ultimately I had to leave the show Mickey Krause – although he again got the highest number of points that evening.

Kristina says she is completely different to January. “Carrion, Quickstep and contemporary were our death criteria.” In all of these dances, she looks red to her 69-year-old partner. Of all the things, the two got carrion for sixth show. January He even knows:Carrion pushed me to the extreme. “This was also reflected in the dance. Speed ​​and active movements were difficult for him. But fun is important and that is why Jan is still positive:“ I look forward to the next dance because I think it will be. Something I can do. “

How will he be presenting on the next “Let’s Dance” show, where the topic “Love Week” is pending, you can see Friday 8:15 pm on RTL or im TVNOW-Livestream.

Geoff Jan Hoover and Christina Loft:

“Let’s Dance” and “Let’s Dance – Kids” on TVNOW

Parallel to the TV broadcast, “Let’s Dance” is shown every Friday TVNOW im Livestream. All consequences stand Also available to retrieve later on TVNOW.

By the way, “Let’s Dance – Kids” has also started on TVNOW! You can watch the first two shows here.