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After Brexit, EU citizens are threatened with illegality

EU citizens living in Great Britain and Switzerland must apply for a new Brexit settlement permit by Wednesday. The number of applicants is beyond expectations, but hundreds of NGOs believe they could fall through the trap.

Travelers on London Bridge: Overall, significantly more Europeans emigrated to the UK than expected by the EU’s People’s Movement.

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Rodrigo, 26, said: “Everything worked on a smartphone. A former pub worker and photographer in East London stands up and talks about how he defended his right to live in Great Britain. The Italian-Brazilian dual citizen was able to photograph documents of residence using a mobile phone camera, and was able to read the chip in the smartphone application biometric passport. Rodrigo emigrated from Sவோo Paulo to London about three years ago, and thanks to his grandparents he is an Italian citizen who has the right to immigrate to Great Britain until the end of 2020, thanks to the free movement of individuals within the European Union. He says he did not know at first that he would lose his right to reside after Brexit. “I learned from friends and my boss that I need to apply for new status.”