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UK: 50,000 EU citizens apply for the right to stay overnight

Shortly before the end of an important deadline, more than 50,000 EU citizens wanted to stay, according to a report England Advertised after Brexit. This means that on Wednesday – the last possible day – an average of five times as many people have applied in a single day in the last few weeks, As announced by the Guardian. The last-minute rush was so great that the Home Office extended the deadline for accepting applications to 9 a.m. Thursday.

The so-called EU settlement plan aims to guarantee EU citizens living in Great Britain the same rights as before pre-Brexit – that is, the right to live and work in the country, but access to health care and social services. The prerequisite is that you must register by the end of 2020 – that is, before the finals Proxy – Lived in the country. And to the living English EU countries Live, there are similar projects.

However, according to experts, it will become an issue that EU citizens in Great Britain can only prove their new residency in digital form in a relatively complex manner. On social media, victims have already complained of problems with landowners or employment agencies.

The consequences will be even more devastating for those who miss the application deadline and thereby lose their right to reside. Civil rights organizations are particularly concerned about the elderly, the sick and the homeless. Some of these people had to apply for new status, or were not even aware that they had not come up with a digital application process. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands could not have applied and, in the worst case scenario, would be expelled.