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The Federal Council wants a new surface air defense system from the United States

In addition to fighter jets, the Federal Council wants to buy a new air defense system for nearly two billion. Here, too, an American manufacturer created the race.

Briefly essential

  • The Federal Council wants to buy a new air defense system.
  • Five patriotic firefighting units of American manufacturer Radeon are to be purchased.
  • The costs are nearly two billion Swiss francs.

Next New fighter jets Federal Council Parliament Also apply for the purchase of a ground-based air defense system for long distances (boat). An American manufacturer made the race here as well.

The Federal Council is on Wednesday Purchase Among the five patriotic fire brigades of the American manufacturer Radion. In estimation, this offer achieved the highest gross benefit at the same time the lowest total cost. It says in a message.

The cost is almost two billion

Purchase costs Inflation and Value added taxes 1.970 billion to the Patriots till the time of payment Franken. It is within the 2 billion budget Franken. Total costs, including operating costs calculated over thirty years, are approximately $ 3.6 billion Franken.

In addition to the US offer, there was a offer from France (Eurosam SAMP / T) for the new Botlow systems. This was somewhat clearly defeated in all four key criteria, particularly in the key criterion performance, particularly against the radion solution.

According to the Federal Council, the Patriots can protect the rooms independently and in conjunction with warplanes. It reaches an altitude of more than 20,000 meters (vertical) and a distance of more than fifty kilometers (horizontal).

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