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According to a US survey: the controversial chatbot ChatGPT replaces the first jobs

If a technological application inspires millions of people within a very short period of time, it is usually only a short time before the first assessments are made that many jobs are at risk as a result of technological advancement. The past has shown that history usually takes a more differentiated path. Indeed, job descriptions change, but at the same time new work is created.

One such application that is causing a stir at the moment is ChatGPT. OpenAI’s chatbot, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and provides particularly reasonable answers to all kinds of questions. The program was only made freely available in November last year. Since then, a massive race has begun and the largest companies in the world are outdoing each other every week with new announcements from the world of artificial intelligence.

Companies see savings potential

In the USA, the first survey has now created the biggest stir. Resumebuilder has a job board 1,000 managing directors were surveyedWhether and how they use ChatGPT in their companies. Their answer: Almost half (49 percent) are already using the software, and another 30 percent plan to do so soon.

Of the companies that already use ChatGPT, nearly half (48 percent) say that ChatGPT has already replaced functionality with the software. At the same time, they indicate potential savings. 48 percent actually want to save more than $50,000 by switching to ChatGPT, 11 percent even more than $100,000.

What tasks does the application of artificial intelligence perform? 66 percent of the entrepreneurs surveyed who use the language model use it to write software, and 58 percent to write text. 57 percent use AI support in customer service and 52 percent have standard ChatGPT meeting minutes.