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According to a sports journalist, Joe Biden cannot finish sentences

According to a sports journalist, Joe Biden cannot finish sentences

But before she got started, Steele says in a podcast conversation with former TV personality Bill Maher, she talked to Biden. What she experienced was “heartbreaking.”

The interview was conducted via satellite, according to the journalist, who has since been fired. Due to a technical glitch, she was unable to start recording immediately, but she heard the president through headphones.

You couldn’t see Joe Biden: his aides covered the camera lens with a cloth. “And I heard him ask: What is this? Who am I talking to?” says Steele.

Biden then told her that he played soccer when he was younger and had the “best hands.” Steele then asked if he was a “recipient.” The boss replied: “You were good…”

According to Steele, “the saddest thing” happened: “His voice fell silent and he said, ‘Oh… forget.’” So he couldn’t complete his sentence.

Joe Biden repeatedly feeds the rumor mill about his health with slips of the tongue and other incidents. In September, his team turned off his microphone during a press event. Previously he had made several mistakes and said strange things.

Conservative journalist Sage Steele doesn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t like Joe Biden: She didn’t vote for him, she told Bill Maher. However, I then realized why he was “in his basement” during the election cycle: even then he couldn’t finish his sentence.

Sage Steele left ESPN in August 2023 after a legal dispute with the network. She had previously attracted attention with statements criticizing vaccination. She also questioned Barack Obama’s racial identity.