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Aborigines: Where to look for aboriginal culture in Australia

Indigenous people have lived in Australia for at least 50,000 years. It is the oldest living culture on earth. Tribes Translated is similar to Indigenous Peoples and is a collective term for the indigenous people of Down Under. The word comes from Latin, which means “from the beginning”.

The indigenous people of the Red Continent have a close, spiritual connection with nature. Until the arrival of the British in 1788, they were relatively isolated from the rest of the world. Among the 200 to 700 tribes they lived as nomads, they roamed thousands of tribal areas, mostly hunters and collectors and fishermen in coastal areas. Tribes are not an individual people, they are many peoples, tribes and clans, they have developed different customs and languages. Indigenous culture was able to grow independently for a long time.

Australians differ between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Globally, all aboriginal people in Australia are considered indigenousDesignated. On the Fifth Continent, there is a distinction between the aborigines and the Torres Strait Islands – another group of aborigines living in the waters between Australia and Papua New Guinea and not related to the aborigines who came from the land.

With the colonization of the Europeans, the oppression of the tribal people began. In the 1960s, tribes gained civil rights.

Discover the unique culture and heritage of the tribal people

Today about 500,000 Indigenous peoples live in Australia, and their culture is traced back thousands of years. Indigenous people pass on their rituals and their way of life from generation to generation. Traditional rock paintings document the lives of people and show how important music, dance rituals and mantras are. The Digitized by VjOOQIC is documented in paintings dating back about 2500 years.

The “Australia Discover Aboriginal Experiences”, A collaborator of organizers who bring the audience closer to the ancient life culture of the world through its insights into its traditions, customs and spiritual connection with nature. On the beach, in the city and outdoors, tribal tour operators proudly share their heritage with visitors and marvel at the thousands of ancient cultures and lifestyles.