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Great Britain wants to significantly tighten asylum law

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Britain plans rapid deportation, life sentence – drastic asylum changes

A group of suspicious immigrants cross the English Channel in a small boat heading towards Dover

A group of suspicious immigrants cross the English Channel in a small boat

Source: dpa / Gareth Fuller

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More and more people are coming to the UK. So the Interior Ministry wants to tighten the asylum law. People kidnappers are said to have life sentences and reception centers for immigrants abroad.

AWith the number of immigrants entering illegally, the conservative British government wants to significantly tighten the asylum law. Home Minister Priti Patel wanted to introduce a bill on Tuesday that would include life sentences for kidnappers and reception centers for expatriates.

Your department announced “the most drastic changes in the broken shelter system in decades”. This will help deport illegal immigrants quickly. Activists criticize the plans as an “anti-refugee law.” Thousands of vulnerable immigrants will be the culprits.

Fighting illegal immigration has been a priority for the Conservative government in the UK since Brexit. “Restricting our borders”, that is, restoring control over one’s own borders, was one of the promises made when leaving the EU. The EU continues to argue for a common asylum policy.

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Despite the increase in police raids, people are moving from the French coast to Great Britain. British security forces are bringing back boats that are said to have illegally immigrated to the English Channel. In June it was over 2000. The BBC reports that this is a new monthly report.

Inflatables of immigrants detained by border guards

Inflatables of immigrants detained by border guards

Source: dpa / Gareth Fuller

By May, more than 3,100 people had illegally crossed the continent into Great Britain – more than twice as much as in the same period last year. Of the many passengers on the French Channel coast, 47 migrants were rescued from small boats on Saturday alone.

In May, a few dozen people protested against immigration in the English port city of Dover. About 50 people waved English flags and displayed banners. It reads: “Stop the invasion” and “Defend our borders”. The fight disrupted truck traffic in Dover. Trucks crossing the English Channel on their way to France got stuck on the A20 trunk road.