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A trip to Germany, cultural shock added – podcast

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Stephen Schwarzkopf is back in Germany. Temporarily. During President Joe Biden’s first trip to Europe, he was allowed to win as a football reporter during the European Championships. Enjoy the roller coaster of reunion and culinary delights, aha experiences and moments of unfamiliar insults. It is now clear to him how our correspondent was Americanized after five years in Washington. So the “return home” from Bethesda in Maryland to Berlin-Gehlendorf would become a surprisingly violent cultural shock.

Inside the United States This is a podcast by Stephen Schwarzkopf, US correspondent for the news channel WELT. Stephen gives a glimpse of Washington’s political career behind the scenes and of ordinary people in the United States. After all, he talks incessantly this time about what you don’t see on TV or on the web. Always about easy family life with his wife Julia and kids Dill and Jet. Four years after Donald Trump, Stephene must take advantage of the changed reality under new US President Joe Biden.

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