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A new Ethereum center to investigate the origin of life


These four researchers head up the new center: Roland Riek, Didier Queloz, Cara Magnabosco, and Sascha Quanz (from left).

Many scientists at ETH Zurich are interested in how life originated on our planet. The president of the Technical University, Joel Messot (58), noticed this immediately when he took office four years ago. “I am very happy that we can now pursue these and other questions about the universe with the new research center,” he says.

The Center for the Origin and Diffusion of Life opened Friday under the direction of Didier Queloz (56), a Nobel Prize winner in Geneva and professor of astrophysics. It is located both on the ETH campuses in Zurich city center and in Hönggerberg. In the coming years, it will be investigated how life developed on Earth and whether there are also living creatures on other planets.