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Flight disruptions could get worse soon

Flight disruptions could get worse soon

Turbulence is a common occurrence during flight. Climate change now can make it stronger and longer in the future.


The basics in brief

  • Because of climate change, flight disruptions could get stronger and longer in the future.
  • Experts believe severe disturbances may at least double soon.
  • However, this does not mean that flying will be any less safe.

Turbulence: Anyone who has flown is likely to have experienced this. Most of them are harmless if you wear a seat belt during the flight. As a rule, the result is not more than bumpy journey.

However, severe turbulence can quickly disturb passengers and make five minutes seem like an eternity.

According to a US report, nearly ten percent of all disorders are severe, and they are in the worst cases Damage and injuries to lead. However, experts at least believe that this percentage could increase in the future.

According to the experiments of British atmospheric researcher Paul Williams, climate change will change the disturbance dramatically: “We found that severe disturbances can double or triple in the coming decades,” he says. CNN.

Despite climate change and turmoil: Flying remains safe

According to Williams, this is mainly due to the so-called “clear air turbulence” that occurs without visual signs such as storms or clouds occur fall appear. Unlike normal turbulence, the flight crew has no advance warning, making it difficult to avoid.

However, this does not mean that flying will be any less safe in the future. “Airplanes will not crash because they are built to very high standards and can withstand the worst of turbulence,” Williams explains.

However, the average duration of the disturbance is expected to increase. Today you have to count about ten minutes of turbulence on a flight across the Atlantic. According to Williams, in a few decades, the duration should be 20-30 minutes.

Do you like flying?

The best way to reduce the risk of injury during turbulence is to wear a seat belt at all times while seated.

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