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A huge asteroid blasted off near Earth on Sunday

A huge asteroid blasted off near Earth on Sunday

An asteroid soared above Earth last Sunday. There is no great danger from the Heaven Piece.

The basics in brief

  • Asteroid 2008GO20 flew past Earth yesterday at a speed of 30 thousand km / h.
  • According to NASA, its height is 120 meters like a towering height.
  • But because of its trajectory, it does not pose a collision risk.

The giant asteroid 2008GO20 blasted past Earth on Sunday. Its size depends on NASA It is about 120 meters long, making it the size of a skyscraper. Piece of paradise It is said that it travels at a speed of 30 thousand kilometers per hour.

The asteroid passed our planet twelve times the lunar distance, that is, about 4.52 million km. That’s relatively close, yeah because of his path There is no risk of impact. Its trajectory is classified as an Apollo type. This means that it is not on a collision course with Earth, but can change its course.

next flight From a large asteroid on July 31. This is the 2019YM6 orb, which has a size of 128 metres. It will pass Earth at a slightly larger distance of 4.2 million km.

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