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A darts professional loses the match to an amateur first and then loses his temper

A darts professional loses the match to an amateur first and then loses his temper

The setting makes it clear: It's not really about the big sport here.Photo: S

Adam Smith-Neal has once again lived up to his reputation as a darts bully. The Englishman hit his opponent in the face in an amateur tournament. Now it has been suspended.

What happened to Adam Smith Neill? CCTV footage shows an already controversial darts player getting scared at an amateur tournament in Nuneaton.

The world number 82 recorded a bad performance in the match. After the match, Smith-Neil ends up at the center of attention: instead of shaking his hand and congratulating his victor, “The Big Dog” punches him in the face.

Video: Twitter/anonymous_darts

It is still unclear why the freak occurred. There is no known statement from Smith-Neal. Perhaps it was a reaction to provocation. Darts Regulatory Authority (DRA) He banned Smith-Neal from all competitions over the video images. He can appeal this order and face a disciplinary hearing.

Smith-Neal won the WDF World Masters in 2018. He has never previously qualified for the World Cup at Ally Bally in London. He holds a tourist card from the leading PDC association, which entitles him to participate in the most important tournaments. Due to the suspension, he will miss two events at the Players Championship in Hildesheim, Germany.

He regained his Tour card at the beginning of 2023 after being unable to obtain it for several years. The fans opposed him and launched a petition to deprive him of the right to play. He never knew anyone as unpopular in the darts community as Adam Smith Neill, Former pro Paul Nicholson said on “Sporting Life.” Even before the Nuneaton incident. “And that's saying something when you consider how competitive this 'title' is.” (ram)

PDC World Darts Champions


PDC World Darts Champions

The PDC has been hosting the World Darts Championship since 1994. The record champion will remain the same for a long time.

Source: Imago/ActionPlus sports photo service

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