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9 months before the European Championship on home soil – Germany national team: Flick left, but the construction sites remained – Sports

9 months before the European Championship on home soil – Germany national team: Flick left, but the construction sites remained – Sports


Nine months before the European Championship, the tree is burning down in the German Football Association. The trainer’s chair also vibrates for women.

It started out so beautifully. Hansi Flick, who was unanimously judged by the experts and fans of the DFB officials as the ideal solution for the German coaching chair, immediately set a record. Germany won all of their first eight matches under his leadership between September 2021 and March 2022. Despite all the euphoria, the fact that the opponents were rather low-key (Liechtenstein and Armenia twice each, plus North Macedonia and Romania, among others) It was a side note though for all the euphoria.

Coming from Bayern Munich, Flick was supposed to take charge of the many construction sites. He held his first media conference – and it is unclear if it was intended to be symbolic – at the construction site of the German Football Association’s campus in Frankfurt. But the supposed savior was to vacate his position after only 770 days in office. Because the remaining 17 matches resulted in only 4 complete successes. He won less than half of the matches, which only happened to Eric Rebeck with his 10 predecessors.

The first coach to be sacked in the history of the German Federation

The result was that Flick became the first coach in the 123-year history of the German Football Association to be dismissed. After the summer fairy tale, Jurgen Klinsmann and Yogi Loew resigned as coaches of the world champion on special merits, Berti Vogts and the aforementioned Rebek came under great pressure – but still on their own terms.

The wild 3-3 against Ukraine, as well as defeats against Belgium, Poland and Colombia, and also the relegation that broke the camel’s back for Flick, 1-4 against Japan. Nearly nine months before the opening of the European Championship on home soil, there is panic in Germany rather than anticipation for the next potential summer fairy tale.

It is missing in every nook and cranny. The defense is shaky, only once in the last 9 matches have they not conceded a goal (2-0 against Peru). The penetrating power is missing in the attack. World-class players like Toni Kroos or Philipp Lahm who won the 2014 World Cup are rare.

“#ZSMMN” with “the team”

German successes have been rare since then. There was a preliminary round in the World Championships in Russia and Qatar, and the last European Championships ended in the round of 16. But it’s not just a lack of results and uninspired performances that are now severing the relationship between fans and the team, but also the brand they don’t like: the weird hashtag. #ZSMMN (Together) within the 2018 World Cup campaign and the slogan Without Love the team Alienation pushed forward, and television viewership rates declined for a long time.

Rudi Voller will take charge on an interim basis, while Julian Nagelsmann is the perfect solution. This will cost a high fee since his contract is still valid with Bayern Munich. Unless the financially limited German Football Association was absorbed by the Munich team.

Voss-Tecklenburg is also shaking

Concerns in this situation are not limited to men. The future of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is also open. The women’s coach is currently on sick leave, which is why the earliest possible exit at the World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand has not been analyzed. high picture She is “mentally and physically distressed.” At least she missed the Nations League matches in September.

In Germany, people have been talking for years about the many construction sites in the German Football Association and the necessary unrest. Now it is more urgent than ever. There is not much time left if Euro 2024 on men’s soil is to become a new summer fairy tale.