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600 million wasted, off-site in the Chedi – inside Paradeplatz

600 million wasted, off-site in the Chedi – inside Paradeplatz

From today until Friday, Julius Baer's royalty will swap their offices on Bahnhofstrasse for a suite at the Chedi Hotel in Andermatt.

At the luxury resort in central Switzerland, overlooking the Gotthard fortress in the Alps, the top minds at the country's largest private bank will be taken “off-site” for three days.

The management enlargement meeting, consisting of a record 14 members, is something worth talking about.

Ladies and gentlemen at the Bar Summit gave Rene Benco a $600 million loan, most of which went to the Limmat River.

We know how to burn (Chidi)

But instead of criticizing themselves and their actions, the actors at the top of the pyramid indulge in their dream of a snow paradise.

the weather is good. Powder slopes.

A spokeswoman did not want to comment on the meeting when asked.

Meanwhile, in dark Zurich, Benko's waste has other consequences. The crew has to fear that their bonuses will be cut for 2023.

There is also the risk of further job cuts.

The professors rush to the top, the rowers in misery: nothing new in the republic, is there?

may be. And after:

Against the backdrop of a unique bankruptcy with illustrious debtor Innsbruck, the indifference of the Baar management team is astonishing.

None of the highly paid people stood up and took responsibility; Everyone points to the next person on Banco's line of credit.

Not me, you too. And set off for Chedi together.