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2D animated survival game now available for consoles • JPGAMES.DE

2D animated survival game now available for consoles • JPGAMES.DE

Published today by Dangen Entertainment and developer Altari Games Missing ruins for control units. Visually-based, 2D action-survival game based on animation was released for PC in May 2021.

Although it looks like a platformer, the game has some special features, according to lead developer Park Jin-Hong. So you have to interact with the environment to defeat some opponents. So you can also attack your boss in the water in unconventional ways by taking advantage of his habitat.

Through the dark dungeons

As a schoolgirl, you wake up in a dark dungeon without any memories. Witch Beatrice rescues you from fearsome monsters and helps you explore lost ruins and unravel the mysteries there.

You have several weapons like swords, axes, magic and some kind of rabbit at your disposal. Various spells in particular allow you to include the environment in your battles. However, since brute force does not solve all problems, you should also stock up on protective accessories.

Vintage trailer from Lost Ruins


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