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Zug visits Bale - the best match for the leader's throne - sports

Zug visits Bale – the best match for the leader’s throne – sports

Zug visits Bale – best match for a place on the leader’s throne – Sports – SRF

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In the 12th round of the National League, there will be the first seasonal duel between EHC Biel and EV Zug.


Who will decide the duel for themselves?

Dario Simeon of Zug vs Yannick Rathgp of Biel.

Fresh Fox

Thanks to 5:4 nV against Geneva, EV Zug dominated the top of the table from Friday’s game-free EHC Biel. However, the New Zealand national team played one game less when they were one point behind. In their first direct duel of the season, coach Ante Turmanen’s side can reclaim the leadership throne at home.

EVZ and EHCB with sag

Both teams had a great start to the season. Meanwhile, both Zug and Biel had a hangover. The Swiss centre, who celebrated six consecutive victories at the start, returned after 3 defeats with success against Langenau and Geneva.

At the start, Pillars racked up 8 wins in a row, narrowly missed the starting record in Geneva and had to lose the ice in the last two matches to Langau and Embry. In terms of points per game, the ZSC Lions have now surpassed Zug and Biel.

Here you can find interesting information about Saturday’s best fight:

  • With 35 targets each, both EVZ and EHCB . have Most productive offensive series league.
  • Bill Ho Less dependent on foreigners. About three-quarters of the goals belong to the Swiss players around the tournament’s top scorer Damien Brunner. In Zug, Swede Niklas Hanson & Co. was responsible for 45 percent of the strikes.
  • While the people of Zog talk about Best outnumbered game In the league, Bale clearly has the most penalty kicks with 169 minutes.
  • Last season, Zug decided 3 out of 4 LIVE MEETINGS For themselves they were victorious abroad twice.

SRF II, powerplay, 01.10.2021, 22:15;

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