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Young mother dies after lip injection

Young mother dies after lip injection

In Austria, a young woman wanted to enlarge her lips – with disastrous consequences: she died of cardiovascular failure a few days after the operation. But how did it come to this?

On Instagram, the Austrian Dilber comes across a beauty expert who provides lip augmentation services. Like millions of other women around the world, she also has hyaluronic injections – for 180 euros.

After the treatment, Dilber gets a severe headache. Despite her multiple visits to the hospital, her condition continues to deteriorate: she suffers from numbness in her hands and legs, in addition to a severe headache and sore throat. At the hospital, she only recommended a painkiller.

A few days later, the 28-year-old went to the emergency room; She couldn’t eat anymore. Once again, health workers fail to realize the seriousness of her condition: she is given medication to strengthen her immune system and sent home again.

Only when her mother pleads with a senior doctor is Dilber admitted to the hospital. But it is already too late: she dies the next day.

Dilber, 28, was a mother and wife — and had been married to her husband for ten years. When she was seven years old, she moved from Anatolia to Austria. She lived with her family in Vienna.

“Now the baby has to grow up without her mother, my life has been taken away from me!” Husband Murad tells “Cron”.

The widower is still awaiting hospital results and autopsy results. “It is completely incomprehensible why she was not hospitalized immediately,” says Murad’s lawyer. The Donaustadt Clinic announced that it would investigate the case.

The beautician, an unknown blonde from Slovakia, could not be found after the incident, according to Kron.