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World of WarCraft: Dragonflight: Guardian of the Dream – that’s what awaits you in version 10.2

World of WarCraft: Dragonflight: Guardian of the Dream – that’s what awaits you in version 10.2

The last content update for World of WarCraft: Dragonflight wasn’t that long ago, with Blizzard Entertainment already working on the next major patch. Here we will tell you what awaits you in the new version 10.2.

With “Guardian of the Dream,” Blizzard Entertainment is already working on the next major update for World of WarCraft: Dragonflight. Although this does not currently have a release date, it will soon be available in the PTR public testing domain.

When the time comes, you can look forward to all kinds of new content and functionality in the existing add-on to the long-running and successful MMORPG. The focus is primarily on a new area: Dream of the Emerald Land. There are also new campaign missions and a new season.

Officially, the new features are mentioned as follows:

  • New area: Emerald Dream
    • Players enter the dream via the western shore of the Ohn’ahra Plains, where the Green Dragonflight has made its home.

  • New campaign quests
    • New quests continue the Dragonflight story and reveal Fyrakk’s true intentions towards Amirdrassil.
    • In addition, other side quests of the story continue, including the final chapter of the “Tyr Reforged” questline.

  • Season 3 – New Raid: Amirdrasil, Hope of the Dream
    • new Nine raid bosses awaits, as players will have to face the Dream’s defenders and Fryakk’s forces – including his new allies, Flame Druid.

  • Season 3 – Select new dungeons for Mythic+
    • The new dungeon rotation includes select dungeons for Season 3 for Mythic+, including the two Dawn of the Eternal megadungeon suites:
      • The fall of Galakrond (Twilight of Eternity: The First Wing)
      • Rise of Morozund (Twilight of Eternity: The Second Ward)

    • Legendary+ dungeons from previous expansions are also included in the Dragonflight Season 3 course:
      • Kronsteg EstateBattle of Azeroth
      • Atal DazarBattle of Azeroth
      • Forest of Dark HeartLegion
      • RapinwareLegion

    • Last but not least, two new dungeons will be part of the Mythic+ system for the first time:
      • Flor is evergreenDraenor Warlords
      • Throne of tidesdisaster

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