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Women’s World Cup: Group D – Vangsgaard collides with Denmark to win in the 90th minute – Sport

Women’s World Cup: Group D – Vangsgaard collides with Denmark to win in the 90th minute – Sport

Not surprisingly, it was this criterion that almost led to the first goal in the game. Katrin Vege’s free-kick cross in the 74th minute looked harmless and headed straight for Shanshan Wang’s head. However, their attempted clearance flew dangerously through the Chinese six-yard box and became almost Simone Boye’s ideal. However, the ball went over the Dane’s head – fortunately, the Chinese also missed at the right goal.

The chance was a wake-up call for the Danes, who, after a defensive and passive performance up to that point, were still looking for a decision in the final quarter of the hour – and were rewarded for their efforts in the 90th minute. After a corner kick taken by Pernell Harder, Amalie Vangsgaard headed in the box and scored the winning goal. The goalkeeper, Huan Shuo, did not perform well in defense.

China, previously more convincing from a technical point of view, tried to equalize in 6 minutes of extra play. The Asians still hit the post in the 94th minute. Due to the offside position, the potential hit would not be counted.

Calm first half

In the first round, the action took place almost exclusively between penalty areas. Both teams started cautiously and hardly played an offensive role. By the end of the first half, the crowd in Perth’s Rectangular Stadium had seen only one shot on goal. China’s Rui Zhang fell short after a respectable one-on-one with a harmless low shot from Danish goalkeeper Lynn Christensen.

Denmark’s first chance was delayed until the 51st minute. Sörensen then ran down the left into the box and brought the ball into the middle. Defender Wei Yao extended the failed cross to Josephine Haspu, who was free for a penalty kick. Perhaps the 21-year-old should have just hit a header to make it 1-0. However the ball flew over the goal, the best chance of the match up to that point ended in a goalless goal.

This is how it goes

And on Friday, in the fourth group, there will be a duel between Denmark and the European champions from England, who were not in doubt in the first round. On the same day, China meets Haiti.