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Women's semi-finals - Pliskova after moving to Wimbledon final - Partey waiting there - Sport

Women’s semi-finals – Pliskova after moving to Wimbledon final – Partey waiting there – Sport

  • Karolina Pliskova (WTA 13) won her second semifinal at Wimbledon against Aryna Sabalenka (WTA 4) with a score of 5:7, 6:4, 6:4.
  • The Czech has one break chance in sets 2 and 3 to win.
  • World number one Ashleigh Barty, who beat Angelique Kerber (WTA 28), awaits in the final.

Things did not start well for Karolina Pliskova: in the first set against Arina Sabalenka, she missed 8 break opportunities. That should avenge the duel between the two powerful servants.

For her part, Sabalenka seized her only chance to make a lead in the service at the perfect time: at 6:5, in her view, she took the lead at 40:30. Pliskova, who eliminated Swiss Viktoria Golubic in the quarter-finals, awarded Sabalenka the first half and the set with a double-fault.

Safe if you serve yourself

The 29-year-old quickly recovered from the setback. Suddenly Pliskova became effective too: she used her only break chance in groups 2 and 3 (to 3:2 and 1:0, respectively).

For her part, she did not give her Belarusian opponent a single chance to make a breakthrough in the service and reached her first final at Wimbledon just under two hours later.

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The Women’s Final between Ashleigh Barty and Karolina Pliskova at Wimbledon will be shown live on SRF Zwei and in the SRF Sports App on Saturday from 3pm.

Barty thanks for the final race

Ashleigh Barty is now waiting for Pliskova in the final. She won 6:3, 7:6 (7:3) against Angelique Kerber in the semifinals, but had to take a slight turn at the end: With a 6-0 lead and 6 points behind, it looked like the Australians were briefly flapping their nerves. In the tiebreak, while Kerber reared again at the same time and managed to shorten to 3:6.

But then the Germans lost their power and made a simple backhand strike to make a decision on the net. Barty moves on to her first Wimbledon final; Her best result ever on English lawn was the Round of 16 (2019). The 2019 French Open winner is also the first Australian to reach a Wimbledon final since Yvonne Gulagong Cowley, who won the title in 1980.

Kerber doesn’t make Barty the same

With a break at the first opportunity, Barty was able to put together the first set in her favor right from the start. She didn’t give up on the 3-game progress made a little later.

Kerber didn’t quite succeed in the second deal: the German also managed to create a 3-0 cushion early on. With a score of 5:3 from her point of view, she worked to win the set – and gave the game a zero. The starting opportunity was given to Barty’s transformation.