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Women are separated because of the movie “Barbie”

Women are separated because of the movie “Barbie”

Greta Gerwig breaks records with her “Barbie”: in two weeks, the comedy grossed more than a billion dollars.

In addition to much praise, the film adaptation of the game character from manufacturer Mattel has also received criticism. The movie is very “wake up” or “feminist”. The film actually deals with gender roles and patriarchal structures.

And it seems that this is paying off: the women who watched the film declare that they have separated from their partner. Barbie encourages her to do so.

One Tiktokerin declares: “I won’t let a man treat me like a sh*t. I just don’t. I’ve had enough.”

She explains that her boyfriend didn’t want to see the movie, so she went to watch the show alone. “Thank you, Barbie, for encouraging me and giving me confidence.” I realized that she deserved better.

Another female candidate was disappointed in her partner. She hoped the movie would show him the truth.

But he told her “He was offended by the movie. I was sick of being treated with and disrespected by his attitude and probably fell into that girl’s power trance too.” So I told him it was over.

Couples therapist Juliette Poisson explains to Focus: Some people may think more about their relationship because of a movie. “However, I always say it can only be the cause of the breakup—never the cause.” And that doesn’t mean it’s a trend, says Poisson.

In principle, an individual’s value settings will have an impact on the relationship. If a movie shows that the two people have different values, that could be a reason for a breakup.

However, the couples therapist stresses: These problems may have already been present in the relationship. “But sometimes you need a mirror to see clearly again.”