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Prince Albert meekly: Princess Caroline speaks the word of force in the Monaco case

Prince Albert meekly: Princess Caroline speaks the word of force in the Monaco case

Thick air between siblings: Prince Albert is said to have bowed to Princess Caroline’s wishes.

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A corruption scandal shakes the prince’s palace in Monaco. Because four of Prince Albert’s confidants are involved, his sister, Princess Caroline, is said to have spoken a word of strength.

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  • Four high-ranking Monegasques are said to have allowed themselves to be bribed as part of construction projects.
  • In the course of the scandal, there have been several raids that may also reveal the secrets of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene.
  • Only after Princess Caroline was said to have uttered a word of power did Albert deduce the consequences of the corruption case.

All of Monaco is currently talking about the scandal in the prince’s palace. Allegations of corruption were brought against financial advisor Claude Palmero, President of the Council of Ministers Laurent Anselmi, President of the Supreme Court Didier Lynot and Albert Thierry Lacoste’s lawyer.

In the context of construction projects worth billions, the four are said to have worked out of their own pockets. Hot: The four are closely related to the princely family and have been particularly friends with Prince Albert II for decades.

Meanwhile, only Didier Lynott managed to keep his job, and the others had to leave the palace. A decision that Princess Caroline in particular was responsible for, thus “picture” He writes. Supported by her sister Stephanie and son Pierre Casiraghi, she spoke a word of strength.

Prince Albert bowed to the pressure

Her message was to Prince Albert: “We cannot go on like this,” who finally caved to the mounting pressure. Before that, he said: “I have come to an arena where I should not be…”

Claude Palmero was released, Laurent Anselmi was said to have been demoted, and Thierry Lacoste was stripped of all mandates. Didier Lynot should also shudder because of his job.

In the course of the corruption scandal there were several raids. Not only in Monaco, but also in Nice and Paris, officials stormed the offices of alleged dignitaries. Palmero, who is suing the prince over his allegedly illegal dismissal, previously said through his lawyer that this was also an attack on the palace: “The attack on Claude Palmero is an attack on the prince. All personal and governmental secrets have been revealed.”

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