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Without winning a trophy since 2007 – will the World Cup go to Europe again?  – Sports

Without winning a trophy since 2007 – will the World Cup go to Europe again? – Sports


Since the 2007 victory of Germany, the European continent has been waiting for the women’s world championship title. Will that change this year?


This cup was played for

Recently, it has been firmly in the hands of the United States.

Reuters/Bernadette Szabo

While the men’s nations from South America and Europe have shared all the world championship titles among themselves, teams from 3 continents have already celebrated for the women. North America has 4 titles thanks to the USA, and Japan took the trophy to Asia in 2011. Europe has delivered three-time world champions (2x Germany, 1x Norway) – but not in 16 years now.

In order for the World Cup to return to Europe again this year, the teams must first of all eliminate the big favorites from the USA. The Americans have been crowned world champions twice in a row and reached the final in 2011. The record world champions want to win their third straight title and thereby improve their impressive World Cup record.

The fact that “USA Girls” aren’t completely outcasts came out at the Tokyo Olympics. After a 0-1 draw with Canada in the semi-finals, it was over, and they had already suffered defeat in the group stage (0-3 against Sweden).

Europeans are waiting

Behind the Americans, many European teams can hope to turn around. Above all, newly crowned European champions England. The Three Lionesses stormed to the European Championships in their country last year and recently proved their fine form by defeating Brazil in the final. England’s best finish to date was third in 2015 – and this year fourth in the world rankings should finally be able to claim the title.

In addition to England, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain are also among the extended group favourites. The Germans were the last Europeans to win the World Championship in 2007. They also played a strong EM 2022 tournament and only lost to England in the final. For Sweden and France, the semi-finals of the European Championship ended, and Spain failed the quarter-finals due to the eventual winners.

Home win – or is it Japan again?

Australia, the host country, is ranked 10th in the world, just ahead of Japan. Even if these two countries are not among the favourites, they should not be underestimated. Already in 2011, the Japanese surpassed themselves and won the world title. This year, with the Spanish national team, the first Asian player in the group stage awaits.

and Switzerland? With the Swiss national team participating in only their second World Cup, the goal is clear: to reach the knockout stage. From there anything is possible. Even if it is too daring to speak of the title, dreaming is permissible.